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Jogindar Bole Pranam Ji With Jiba Lamichhane

Jogindar Bole Pranam Ji with Jiba Lamichhane is Popular TV Program of Himalaya TV Channel.

Jogindar Bole Pranam Ji with Jiba Lamichhane is upload in YouTube by Himalaya TV Channel on date 2015-10-16T06:31:35+00:00

Himalaya Television, named after the mighty Himalayas, is a channel that has a vision beyond the conventional vogues of broadcasting. Our ambition is not solely to show but also to raise awareness of human issues and embrace the heterogeneous needs of a multicultural society. Himalaya Television reaches out to all the people of Nepal from the plains of the Terai to the high ranges of the Himalayas and to those struggling for their livelihood abroad. We give priority to the needy and the marginalized and to those who really care about the sustainable development of the country. By doing so, we fulfill an important need, that is, expressing the sentiments of the voiceless mass.

Source Link: Nepal News Entertainment Video 

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